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When it comes to communications, one of the top possible priorities is to become what's known as a RespOrg, or a Responsible Organization, with the Federal Communications Commission or a reputable CLEC. There are ton of important benefits in becoming a RespOrg.

A RespOrg refers to companies that have access to the Service Management System (SMS), the single national database that controls routing on all toll-free telephone numbers. RespOrgs were established in the 90's as part of the FCC order to ininiate toll-free number portability. Every toll-free telephone number is managed by a RespOrg. A RespOrg can be a telephone company, a very large enterprise, or an independent service provider that offers RespOrg services on behalf of an enterprise, such as Toll X Change.


RespOrgs are responsible for the sales & distribution of toll-free numbers. Simply put, anyone who needs access to a toll-free number for their business or for personal use through a RespOrg, which grants the available numbers and manages their porting from one RespOrg to another. Several different types of businesses from landline carriers to call center vendors can become RespOrgs, and with that certification, get access to the Service Management System (SMS800) database where the numbers are found. RespOrgs don't actually own the 800 numbers, but rather simply move them from one RespOrg to another, making it easier for consumers to get them.

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