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Fraudulent Acts

People lose a lot of money to phone scams. Scammers have figured out countless ways to cheat you out of your money over the phone. In some scams, they act friendly and helpful. In others, they might threaten or try to scare you.

With that said, we are a business, we can only investigate complaints, we cannot just shut down customers lines because you say so... we must do what to the letter of the law. If we investigate a client and find them guilty we can and will shut them down. sometimes this takes months, Please be patient and try to get us all instances and numbers associated with the call... sometimes Its easier and faster to get the FTC involved they have much more authority than we do. remember a paying client has rights, good or bad, we must provide service. 

About Toll X Change

With 30 years under our belt we have maintained quality, flexibility and the sense of custom needs for our agents. We do more than 30 Million minutes a month in over 100k numbers, with a redundant system in 3 locations throughout the US.

Our commitment to innovation and service excellence makes us the leading provider of phone services in the US.

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